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by Farmer David 11/7/2021

Goat breeding season started last Monday, November 1st.  Farmer David played matchmaker, deciding which buck (a male breeding goat) to mate with each doe (a female breeding goat.)  Then the bucks were each fitted with their marking harness and colored marking crayon, which makes a colored mark on the rear end of the female goat once they have been bred.  The goats were separated into three breeding groups with one buck each. 

Now Farmer David checks each group of goats daily, checking to see which does, if any, display the crayon mark which indicates that they are bred.  Careful records are kept with the date each doe was bred and by whom, so that we know when to expect the baby goats to start popping out next spring.

The season started out slowly.  No mating activity was observed until today, when 5 does were bred: one by Maple Syrup, our senior buck, and four by Klinger, our new buck purchased this summer.  Hoss has yet to get to work!

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