Organic Food

From Our Farm to Your Plate

Fresh Produce

Throughout the season at our farm you can find many varieties of fruits and vegetables, grown naturally as Mother Nature intended. From flavorful salad greens to unique potatoes and peppers, we are sure to have what you need. See what we'll have available each month!

Brussels sprouts plant
Goat stew

Grass-fed Meats

100% Certified Organic meats are available year-round. Choose from tender beef, exceptional goat, and superb pork. Our goat and beef are also Certified 100% Grass-fed! All of our animals are raised naturally, on pasture, with no hormones or antibiotics. Fresh air, exercise, and a varied diet means healthier animals and healthier meat. With low-stress livestock handling, environmental stewardship, and reduced food miles, why not buy wholesome, delicious meat locally?

Please note: All sales will be made directly from the farmhouse. If you are interested in purchasing meat, please call ahead at 315-482-3663. Thank you!

Other Places to Find Our Food

The Guzzle, T.I. Park

Hunner’s Market, Clayton

The Wellesley Island Hotel Restaurant, T.I. Park

Taste of New York, Collins Landing

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