Grassfed Meats

All of our animals are raised naturally, outdoors on pasture, with no hormones or antibiotics. We raise heritage breeds for beef and pork that contain healthier fats with higher levels of Omega 3's and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), as well as Vitamin E. To learn more, visit Eat Wild!

Current Opportunities for Grass-fed
Organically-Fed  Meats

We currently have a large assortment of USDA inspected frozen cuts of meat including: steaks, roasts, stew meat, and burger in stock for sale from the farm. Contact us to order!  Or order your mixed quarter below.

In addition to large orders, we often have cuts of meat available right at the farmhouse. If interested in stopping by and to check availability, please call ahead at 315-482-3663!

Grass-fed Beef

No grain, ever! Our Organically-Fed (NOFA-NY), Certified 100% Grass-Fed (NOFA-NY) beef is sold by the mixed quarter and priced by hanging weight, which varies between 100-125 lbs.  Our USDA inspected cuts are available year-round and could include a variety of steaks, stew, ground, short ribs, soup bones, roasts, tongue, and tail.

If purchasing in bulk, please note that you are purchasing a share of a live animal. Payment of $3.95/lb is made to Cross Island Farms, based on hanging weight, plus your share of transport to the butcher, with a minimum down payment of $200 per quarter to reserve your beef. Processing charges, depending on hanging weight and cutting orders, will also be paid to the butcher. Upcoming harvest dates are: June 22nd, August 1st, and December 30th.  Contact Us to reserve or with any questions!  You can also pay your down payment by clicking the payment button below.

Click the button of your choice below to pay your $200.00 deposit for a mixed quarter of beef for the September 16th harvest date.

Beef brisket plated meal


How much does it cost?  Total cost to you will be about $8.00 per lb. for everything: the hamburger and stew meat to the best steaks and roasts.  This includes our charges and the butcher charges.

How much meat will I get?  Depending on how large the animal is, a quarter will hang between 100 and 150 lbs.  Of that you should bring home about 67%, or 67-100 lbs., depending upon your cutting orders and how many boneless cuts you order.

How much space will it take up?  A good rule of thumb is that 50 lbs. of meat will take up about 2.25 cubic feet. So a 12 cubic foot freezer could hold about 250 lbs. of meat.

What is the total cost?  A small quarter (100#) will total around $525.00 to $575.00 and large one (150#) about $675.00-725.00.

Where do I pick up my meat?  We deliver the animals to the butcher and you pick up your cut & wrapped meat at Cedar Dell Angus Meats in Alexandria Bay, orRed Barn Meats on Briott Rd. in Croghan NY, depending upon which butcher we are able to get a date with.  You pay the butcher the processing charges at the time of pickup.

More questions?  Call us at (315) 482-3663 or email us

Grass-fed Goat

Our organically fed 100% grass-fed goat is a natural, low fat, high protein meat. Interestingly, outside of the U.S., it is more widely eaten than beef. Our goats are mixtures of Boer, Kiko, and various milk breeds. Normally harvested between 35 and 70 lbs live weight, the meat is tender and delicious. We have USDA inspected cuts available year-round which may include stew, ground, rack of goat, shanks, and organs.

If purchasing in bulk, please note that you are purchasing a live animal. Payment of $3.00/lb is made to Cross Island Farms, based on live weight, plus your share of transport to the butcher, with a minimum down payment of $75 per animal to reserve your goat. Regular payments will be required as your goat grows. Roaster goats are also available. You pay the butcher the processing charges, which will vary depending on the hanging weight, cutting orders, and how much (if any) you want smoked. Contact Us for more information!

Pastured Pork (Limited Quantities)

Our organically fed pastured pigs are born right here on Cross Island Farms and fed organic grain, vegetables, fruit, and pasture. With plenty of fresh air and sunshine, they are allowed to run and play, eat a natural diet, and wallow in the mud as pigs do!

We currently have USDA inspected links and bulk quantities of hot and sweet Italian sausage. We also have one 72lbroaster pig available, sold only by the whole animal at $7.00/lb and a $100 deposit. Contact Us for more info and to check availability!

Pork sausage plated meal

"Just Laid" Organic Eggs

Chicken and duck eggs are available at the farmhouse from April through September. With unique colors and rich yolks, they are both beautiful and delicious!

Organic Livestock for Sale

Occasionally, we offer certified organic, certified 100% grass-fed cows and goats for sale as breeding stock, feeders, and pets. If interested, please Contact Us for availability.

Collage of many animals found throughout Cross Island Farms

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