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""Big Daddy", our Boer goat stud.

"Big Daddy", our Boer goat stud adds his meaty genetics to our goat herd. 




Cross Island Farms

Available for Breeding Stock, Pets, or to Eat


 1.    No Hormones or Antibiotics

2.    Raised Naturally, Outdoors on Pasture

3.    Allowed to act like a goat

4.    Fresh air, exercise, and varied diet means healthier animals and meat

5.    Supports local farmers and the local economy

6.    Reduced food miles

7.    Environmentally responsible

8.    Low stress livestock handling

9.    Goat is naturally high in protein and low in fat

10.     Exceptional flavor!

Wellesley Island Grown Certified Organic Pastured Goat  is a natural, low fat, high protein meat.  Outside of the U.S. it is more widely eaten than beef.  Our goats are mixtures of Boer, Kiko, and various milk breeds.  Normally harvested between 35 and 70lbs live weight, the meat is tender and delicious.  Roaster goats also available.

 You are purchasing a live animal to be slaughtered by Brandt's Mobile Slaughtering for processing, when your animal is ready.  You pay us $3.00 per pound, based on live weight, plus your share of transport to the butcher, with a minimum down payment of $50.00 per animal required to reserve your goat. Regular payments are required as the goats grow.  You pay the butcher the processing charges which will vary, depending on the hanging weight, your cutting orders, and how much (if any) you want smoked.



Please reserve:

__ Goat ($75.00 dep.                                  __ Roaster Goat ($75.00 dep.)                    Make check payable to:                      Cross Island Farms, 44301 Cross Island Rd., Wellesley Island NY 13640      (Amount enclosed:_____)

Name:___________________________   Address:__________________________

Phone:___________________________ Email:____________________________


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Organic A delicious plate of goat stew with potatoes, carrots, noodles, & brussel sprouts
A delicious plate of organic goat stew with potatoes, carrots, noodles, & Brussels sprouts.  Click the photo for a larger picture.


Goats enjoying the winter sun.  Click to enlarge.

Goats enjoying the winter sun.  Click the photo to enlarge.


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